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Star Auto LLC Prior Salvage Vehicles
860 Quaker Ave Unit 400
Jordan, MN 55352

(952) 592-6401

About Star Auto LLC Prior Salvage Vehicles

Star Auto LLC Prior Salvage Vehicles

We are a family run business that takes pride in our work. All of our vehicles are *Prior Salvage(Rebuilt) Titles, due to being in an accident in the past. The repairs are done at our location by professionals. All of our vehicles pass MN state inspection before being put up for sale. We also provide a 90 day warranty. Feel free to stop by and take a look at our wide variety of Mazda CX-5s. *Prior Salvage - A prior salvage title means that the vehicle was paid out as a total loss by the insurance company at one point in its life. Now, this does not mean the vehicle was destroyed beyond repair. Some come with minimal damage. We look at that vehicle and see potential, buy it from the insurance company, fix it back to original condition, and sell for up to 25% cheaper than the same vehicle with a clean title. This is a significant cost savings for you

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