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Star Auto LLC Prior Salvage Vehicles
860 Quaker Ave Unit 400
Jordan, MN 55352

(952) 592-6401


Lisa McCarthy

I highly recommend Star Auto in Jordan! I love my 2021 Mazda CX5! If you are looking for a salvaged title, don't hesitate to check them out. Max was patient with all my questions and concerns. The whole process was seamless. I would and will go back and will refer to my friends and family. Thank you Max.

Brain Bross

If you're in the market for a Mazda CX-5, THIS is the place to go! They specialize in salvage title CX-5's and do top notch work. Max was fantastic to work with. No pressure and answered all of my questions in detail. After my first test drive, I had a couple of concerns and each one was addressed without delay. I was shown pictures of the damage and how it was repaired. They definitely take pride in their work and how they do business. I would highly recommend this family owned business.

James Stuart

Star Auto rebuilds salvage Mazda CX-5 cars and they do a great job. They are a family-owned company that have been rebuilding Mazda’s for many years. I was initially suspect as to the quality of a salvage car but learned that before the car can be sold it has to be inspected by a State of Minnesota inspector. I was then concerned that there might be some difference as regards insurance cost. Checked with my insurance company and the coverage is no different. We worked with Max, and he was a pleasure to work with – no pressure and he spent time providing answers to all our questions about the car and Star Auto. We chose one car and received a Carfax report on it. We then arranged for an independent inspection. The inspector noted:

• The body work itself seems to be up to industry standard,
• Found no evidence of remaining or unrepaired damages,
• Found no functionality faults or failures and the vehicle road tested without issues.

We purchased the car at the end of December 2023, and they handle all the DMV paperwork. Star Auto provides a three-month bumper-to-bumper warranty. It has now been three months since our purchase, and they stand behind their workmanship. There was one small problem with one of the warning lights. I brought it to Max’s attention, and he immediately invited me to make an appointment so they could check it out. They had to disassemble the bumper to solve the problem which took about two hours to fix. They take pride in their workmanship and provide a quality product. I would certainly recommend Star Auto if you are looking for Mazda CX-5.

Lee Theis

They were knowledge & honest during the showing and test drives. We chose a CX5. I thought it was priced well. Car was in great condition. i have already recommended them to a friend.

Olivia Baxter

I had a great experience here. They were very patient with me as I wanted to try out many vehicles. Alex was straightforward and answered all my questions thoroughly. Additionally, the purchasing process was quick and easy and I was able to find a car I love at a good value!
There were no extra fees or pressure to buy all the extras that a big commercial dealership might try, which was a huge plus for me. Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience

Bill Blume

Max was honest, straight forward and a man of his word. We purchased a 2014 CX-5.

Jim Schroeder

I am extremely pleased with the 2016 CX-5 I purchased from Star Auto. Figuring out the financing for a vehicle with a prior salvage title was a struggle due to my own ignorance, but the staff at Star Auto were very patient and helpful despite the delay. Thank you!

Yevgen Shvets

A good shop, with affordable prices. The staff was great about providing information regarding any work done on the vehicles, and was overall really helpful and professional. Vehicles are priced at a competitive price and are well below market for the mileage you are getting. I would highly recommend this dealer.

Dave Lendzyk

I rarely post reviews, if ever. We were looking for a small sized SUV for our college daughter. We purchased a 2016 CX-5 from Star Auto and could not be more pleased. Low mileage, great price, and great vehicle. Highly recommend Star Auto!

Todd Davis

We bought a 2016 Mazda CX-5 from Star Auto and had a great experience working with Alex. He did not put any pressure on us, was flexible in meeting with us, and was honest throughout the process. He even showed us pictures of the car when it was damaged. They do great work repairing and detailing their cars for sale. I would definitely recommend buying from them. Thanks Alex!

Elliot Mohler

Great service and great staff! Staff is efficient, hard-working, and very accommodating to customer's wants and needs. Star Auto has quality staff and cars. Though previous salvage title, you would never be able to tell as Alex and his staff pour immense detail into making their vehicles look brand new. One of the best car buying experiences I have had, especially compared to large commercial dealerships. The test driving and buying was relaxed and I never felt pressured into purchasing. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a used vehicle!

Brandon Lepasti

I purchased a 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring from Star Auto LLC on 12/31/21.

I highly recommend buying prior salvage when the vehicle has been rebuilt properly. Prior salvage is a great way to save money on cars with all the most recent bells and whistles. You definitely need to do your research when purchasing prior salvage though. I have past experience purchasing a prior salvage vehicle through an individual (completely unrelated to Star Auto LLC) who had cut a lot of corners in the body work and my paint was peeling down to the bare metal after 5 years of owning the vehicle. I have confidence that this will not be the case with Star Auto LLC as they use manufacturer parts, properly sand down to the metal each body part that they refinish, and apply the appropriate clear coat and undercoating to prevent rust and fading. Other than a few minor cosmetic flaws (which is normal for used vehicles); overall, I was very impressed with the appearance of the vehicle that I purchased. I have already taken the car on my first drive up north to the Iron Range area and the car drove great. No complaints. I will update this review in a few years if I experience any issues.

I highly recommend Star Auto LLC. They did not pressure me into a sale. They were upfront with me on any minor flaws that the car might have. They even changed the oil for me free of charge before I drove the car off the lot.

Thank you Star Auto!

Bryan Peters

Max was great with us as we purchased our son's first car. Our local mechanic was impressed with the work done on the vehicle and Max was more than accommodating to take care of the easily overlooked things (air filter, interior light bulb). Good people, good value, good work on vehicles.

Nicole Angelique

I had an absolutely amazing experience with this place. They were incredibly helpful and communication was fantastic. Would recommend this place to anyone look for a new Mazda. 5 stars isn’t enough!

William Armstrong

Very good experience, good quality work and Max answered all my questions, no pressure and made sure the vehicle we purchased was exactly how it should be.
thanks guys.

Nicole Blomquist

After our last car was totaled, we were researching places that sold used cars and came upon Star Auto. They had a wide selection of Mazda CX-5’s to choose from, which is exactly the car we were searching for, among a few other brands/models. Alex, the owner, was very helpful in explaining the different features and histories of the cars he had available, as they were salvage title vehicles that he had purchased and repaired. We were able to test drive a couple models, and at the end of the day drove away with a very nice new-to-us car! Great experience overall, would definitely recommend to anyone searching for a used car who is willing to take on a salvage title!

Peg Jensen

Just bought a 2016 Mazda CX5 from them. Alex was knowledgeable and very helpful! Pointed out an issue with the car and he fixed it. So far loving the car. They are Salvage cars that have been rebuilt which they let you know. Looking at the car or driving it you wouldn’t know it. Great price!!
Will check back in six months from now to let people know if I am still happy
Update: 1 year 5 months later the car is still running great No issues I love the car
Thank you Star Auto!!!!

Alex Marks

Bought a 2016 CX-5 Sport from Star Auto back in May (2022). Had it for a while now and put 8,000+ miles on it with no issues. Star Auto was very helpful during the purchase process. We test drove 4 vehicles and they happily provided all before-repair images and DOT inspection reports. Of the 4 we drove, all of them did really well, but the between the interior upgrade from 15->16, the upgraded 2.5L engine, and the ride/feel of the 16, it was the clear choice. This shop does good work, but the nature of these types of repairs does have risks. My advice: drive a few different ones, inspect thoroughly, and be confident in your choice. I've not had any issues, but had any arose I would suspect Star Auto would stand behind their work with their 90 day warranty. Highly recommend these guys. Mazdas are super reliable, great mileage, good styling, and great value, especially with an extra a salvage discount. Paid in cash and they had no problem accepting a personal check.

Emma Shepley

We just bought a Mazda Cx-5 from Star Auto & Max was so communicative & helpful from start to finish.
They take care of everything for you as far as title transfer, license plates, tabs, etc. No trips to the dreaded DMV for us!!
They do such a great job cleaning/fixing up the cars, you would never know it was salvaged. We just showed our uncle the vehicle & he said it looks brand new!!
We had zero hesitation with a salvaged vehicle when Max told us we have a 3,000 mile/3 month warranty.
We love our new Mazda & have already referred several close friends to Star Auto for their next “new-to-you” vehicle!

Josh Wilkie

Purchased a 2018 Mazda CX-5 from Star Auto today. I was very happy with my purchase and I was treated very well! Strongly recommend giving Star Auto a look for when purchasing a new vehicle. They do great work on their salvage cars! Thank you guys!